It is free to post volunteer jobs on (municipal institutions and other public institutions excluded), and we approve posts that complies the rules listed below.

As a starting point, approves all posts from organisations and activities seeking volunteers, provided that they have a Danish address and fit our definition of volunteer work (see note 2). An organisation can post on the site if it has a Danish CVR number or can provide documentation that they are resident in Denmark.

To use you must either:

Except from this, are activities initiated by for-profit organisations, but where the organisation can document that the activity itself is non-profit. In these cases, it must be clearly stated in the job post that the activity is non-profit and what any possible profit from the activity would go to.

In addition, for all submissions, we require that: reserves the right to request documentation to make sure that the organisation or the activity is non-profit. It is only’s assessment of whether the activity or organisation can be approved or not, which is the basis for admission to

Note 1: Guidelines for volunteering in municipal/public institutions and initiatives

As a starting point, approves all posts from municipal/public institutions and initiatives. However, we reserve the right to reject post with activities where:

Our guidelines are based on the organisation FriSes recommendations on limits between public responsibility and voluntary engagement.

Note 2: Definition of voluntary work

We define voluntary work with an activity or action where: