The purpose of is to help people find a volunteer job. carries all the volunteer listings which are posted in English and many of our users are people who are new to Denmark.

Here we have gathered some information about the long and rich tradition and history of volunteering in Denmark, some facts about the Danes who volunteer and a guide to volunteering in Denmark.

The culture you will meet in Danish organisations naturally mimics the general culture in the Danish society. Danes are an autonomous people who value being able to plan their own time. Danes are keen on equal rights, social inclusion, informal atmospheres, collaboration and seeking consensus.

Danes are not big fans of hierarchy or nepotism; Danes values a person’s actions, abilities and values first. Danes love planning and often far into the future but if plans have to change Danes adapt to fit the new reality. If you arrange something with a Dane they expect you to do what you promised because Danes as a default trust that people are true to their word.

You will meet the same in a Danish volunteer association - read more here.

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