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Volunteering.dk is a sub-site to Frivilligjob.dk – the largest portal for volunteerjobs in Denmark. On Volunteering.dk we try to bring organisations and volunteers with an international background together. As an organisation you can post volunteer jobs and as a potential volunteer you can browse through all the options posted by the organisations.

We try to show a broad range of volunteering opportunities that is offered by different organisations in Denmark and we wish to inspire people to discover volunteer work that matches their interests and skills. Therefore, we have very few limitations for who can use our services to find volunteers. Among entries from traditional associations, such as the Red Cross and Danish Scouts, you will also find job postings from grassroots organisations, social enterprises and projects started by public institutions.

Volunteering.dk wants to give everybody a chance to engage in their community and therefore our service is free to use both for volunteers and nonprofit organisations and initiatives. See our guidelines for more information.

If you want help, face-to-face, in finding a volunteer job or have questions about volunteering in your city, we recommend contacting your local volunteer center. See map here

Volunteering.dk was founded with support from The Obel Family Foundation.

For organisations

You have to register on frivilligjob.dk as a member organisation - which is free*. You can fill in your information here: I am already a member at frivilligjob.dk or Create your first volunteering opportunity.

The registration form is currently only in Danish, but if you fill in the information in English, your job post will automatically be shown correctly on volunteering.dk. Alternatively you can write your information in Danish, and check ‘translate my job to English’. Your job post will then be translated.

* See our guidelines for more information.

Overview: The rights of aliens to participate in volunteer work in Denmark

The Danish Immigration Service has made an overview of the specific rights to participate in voluntary work in Denmark according to the Aliens Act. The overview lists specific types of basis for residence and what the right to partake in voluntary work is. Volunteering.dk has translated the text in to English from a Danish document published by the The Danish Immigration Service in March 2019 – Volunteering.dk is not responsible for the validity of the information and the following should only be viewed as guidelines. It is your own responsibility at any time that you comply with the valid, existing rules.

The overview in English.

The original overview in Danish.

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