Culture in Danish volunteer organisations
Before entering a Danish volunteer association, we encourage you to read up on Danish culture. We have gathered some points about Danish volunteer organisations here.

Looking for a place to volunteer?
If you are looking for a volunteer job in a Danish organisation or association, we encourage you to check out the job listings at or contact your local volunteer center who have special knowledge about the volunteer associations and community in your neighborhood in Denmark.

Matching of expectations is key
When talking to a volunteer organisation about volunteering their, the most important thing is to communicate and be open about expectations and what you can bring to the table and what your expect of the organisation and the job. By being open from the start, many misunderstandings can be eliminated.

things to do when volunteering in Denmark:
  • Ask, ask, and ask some more - instead of pondering on why something is the way it is, then speak up and ask your fellow volunteers or supervisors. Open communication is the gateway to eliminating misunderstandings.
  • Offer your help often - sometimes you have to be a bit persistent. When entering a new organisation be open and offer your help often, because showing an interest in helping will make your fellow volunteers see you as someone who can help.
  • Bring your ideas to the table - When discussing within the organisation, your ideas will be valued if you argue your case and present your arguments in a valid way. 
  • Present your expectations - Tell your fellow volunteers and the organisation why you want to volunteer and what you want to accomplish - matching expectations is important in order to eliminate misunderstandings. 
  • Be open - If you are open about yourself and tell your fellow volunteers about your backgrounds and aspirations,  they will trust you more and the volunteer experience might be even better.
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