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As a starting point, approves all posts from organisations and activities seeking volunteers, provided that they have a Danish address and fit our definition of volunteer work (see note 2). An organisation can post on the site if it has a Danish CVR number or can provide documentation that they are resident in Denmark.

  • Nonprofit organisations and initiatives can post listings for volunteer jobs on for free
  • Municipal institutions and other public institutions have to pay a fee
  • We approve posts that complies the rules listed below.

To use you must either:

  • Appear on SKATs list of charitable organisations
  • have governing documents which shows that the organisation is non-profit, meaning that the organisation’s income goes to a charitable or non-profit purposes
  • be a municipal of public institution or project that complies with the guidelines (see note 2)
  • be an approved religious community, which operates on a non-profit basis (see note 3)

Except from this, are activities initiated by for-profit organisations, but where the organisation can document that the activity itself is non-profit. In these cases, it must be clearly stated in the job post that the activity is non-profit and what any possible profit from the activity would go to.

In addition, for all submissions, we require that you do NOT:

  • discriminate in recruiting or hiring of volunteers. e.g. because of gender, age and ethnic, religious, political, sexual or social background. Unless special conditions apply, e.g. that the restriction is due to your target audience, or that the volunteers must be under a certain age because you are a youth organisation. If this is the case, a reasoning for restrictions must be a part of the post and reserves the right to reject a reasoning and thus the volunteer job post.
  • post volunteer opportunities for anyone under the age of 15
  • post volunteer opportunities for activities that encourage discrimination, violence or other criminal offenses.
  • post positions that are or have the any nature of being part-time or full-time work, regardless of whether the job is paid or not. Therefore, internships, wage jobs and any other jobs not taking place in an applicant’s spare time, are not allowed on the site. For this type of positions your organisation can use our sister portal,
  • include information which a person can be identified with. According to the Danish Data Protection Agency, personal information is any type of information that can contribute to the identification of a certain person, even if this person only can be identified when the information is combined with other types of information. Therefore, advises strongly against including in post e.g. personal information such as personal names, personal addresses, ethnicity, political persuasion, sexual orientation, health information etc. In certain cases it can be advisable to include a few personal information (never personal names or addresses) to better describe the context and the terms of the volunteer job, but this must always be agreed with the person(s) affected. reserves the right to request documentation to make sure that the organisation or the activity is non-profit. It is only’s assessment of whether the activity or organisation can be approved or not, which is the basis for admission to

Expected behavior towards applicants was founded with the aim of enabling  contact between organisations and potential volunteers as well as making it easy to establish contact organisations, you want to support by volunteering. find it essential that potential volunteers have a good user experience. Therefore, applicants for volunteer positions must be treated with respect and meet serious communication. 

If you and your organisation want to use to find volunteers, we expect that you:

  • always behave nicely towards the people who reply to your volunteer job listings
  • answer applicants as fast as possible and in no more than two weeks. If you know beforehand that you not will be able to answer applicants within two weeks (e.g. because of vacation) we encourage you to deactivate your volunteer job listings. You can always activate them again.
  • answer all applicants - regardless of whether you can offer them a volunteer job or not does automatic follow-up on all applications two weeks after they have been send and we offer applicants to contact organisations for them if they have not received an answer to their application. 

In case we encounter numerous cases of the same organisation not replying to applications, we reserve the right to deactivate the volunteer job listings, where the organisation does not reply to applicants - ultimately we will see no other options than to delete the user profiles behind the listings where applicants or do not receive response.  

Note 1: Guidelines for volunteering in municipal/public institutions and initiatives

As a starting point, approves all posts from municipal/public institutions and initiatives. However, we reserve the right to reject post with activities where:

  • volunteers must carry out statutory tasks such as nursing, care or treatment of citizens.
  • volunteers are not involved in the planning of the work or able to influence it.
  • volunteers are not offered the option to organize themselves (e.g. as an independent group or association)
  • There is no cooperation between the volunteers and potential paid employees and citizens or users of the institution.
  • Volunteers' working conditions and working environment are not alright (e.g. if there is no insurance, necessary guidance and respect for boundaries).

Our guidelines are based on recommendations on limits between public responsibility and voluntary engagement (Frivilligcentre & Selvhjælp Danmark).

Note 2: Definition of voluntary work

We define voluntary work as an activity or action, which:

  • It must be voluntary, meaning that is it performed without physical, legal or economic force. A person must not be threatened with financial or social sanctions (e.g. cut off from a social network) when a person no longer wishes to perform the task.
  • It must not be payed. However, this does not exclude that a volunteer receives compensation for expenses that the person has in connection with performing the task, such as transport and telephone costs, or that a person receives a highly symbolic compensation for his volunteer work (e.g. in the form of training clothes).
  • It must be executed to persons outside of the volunteer family and family.
  • It must benefit others than one and one's family.
  • It must be formally organised. This means that general help or spontaneous actions cannot be deemed volunteering.

Note 3: Religious associations

  • Please note, that if the organisation is registered under the field classification code 949100: Religious institutions and associations in CVR, the organisation will primarily be assessed according to this guideline. This means that a religious association has to be approved by the Danish State as an acknowledged religious society in order to be approved for using 
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