The ability to speak and understand Danish can play a factor in entering the Danish volunteering community. One participant in our survey have experienced internationals as being interested in many different voluntary areas but the actual participation in volunteering is often contingent upon the openness of the voluntary organisation; some organisations are more ready than others to incorporate volunteers whose level of Danish is little or even non-existent.

When talking to organisations and professionals, hear that some are hesitant about welcoming non-Danish speaking volunteers because they fear it will be too time consuming to integrate these volunteer; maybe they reject these volunteers with their users’ needs in mind if the users do not speak English. But many other organisations are ready to or even able to integrate volunteers who are not proficient in Danish yet.

The best volunteer matches are when expectations have been matched beforehand and when the volunteer organisation is ready to welcome non-Danish speakers as volunteers and curious about what the volunteers can bring to the organisation.

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