Wanted: Volunteers who want to help support the users (homeless, socially vulnerable and mentally vulnerable) when serving a coffee bike with serving of filter and brewing espresso coffee.

COFFEE KARMA collaborates with project Outside. COFFEE KARMA is an effort where homeless, socially vulnerable and mentally vulnerable people get the opportunity to be trained to run a coffee bike. Remuneration is via the social exemption card.
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At the conference held by project UDENFOR on 26 September

Urbanization is rapidly taking place around the world. The UN has estimated that around 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities. There is pressure on the infrastructure, the labor market, the housing stock and the environment. Also, the inhabitants of the cities and their communities are under pressure, and in many cities the number of homeless and other vulnerable people is increasing. It is a development we see the consequences of every day in project UDENFOR, when our street team goes out to help our with vulnerable homeless people.

At the conference, we examine the consequences of urbanization and present new thinking and initiatives within research and practice that can contribute to more sustainable and inclusive development of cities in Denmark. We gather politicians, researchers and practitioners for a day of debate, dialogue and inspiration to find good solutions for our urban space and hope to find answers and ideas for the questions:

Can housing policy be challenged and changed? How do we prevent vulnerability and create healthy and sustainable relationships between people in the local area and in the cities? How do we ensure efforts that include those who are outside and prevent the occurrence of vulnerability and create healthy and sustainable communities?

Time: kl. 9-15.30 (8-16.30 volunteers must be involved in preparation and dismantling)

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