The life workshops in Gellerup are missing for our café, Café Vita. We lack volunteer cafe hosts and volunteers in the cafe's kitchen. As a cafe host, you will help create, protect and invite community in and out of the café. In the kitchen, you help ensure a good and varied offer of food and drink in the cafe.

You get that out of it

As a volunteer in Café Vita you will have the opportunity to:

  • have fellowship with people with different backgrounds than your own - cultural, linguistic, religious, educational etc.
  • make a difference for individuals who are or are at risk of becoming lonely, as well as for the community of guests and employees
  • get tools in the form of teaching in the motivational conversation, trauma / PTSD and conflict management
  • gain knowledge, skills and experience in social work
  • enter into a working community with other volunteers and with staff members of a nationwide organization

Your tasks

Volunteer cafe host

As a café host, it is your job together with the staff and other café hosts to create a good framework for the community to thrive. You help to invite conversation and socializing in the café and out of the house. You help to make the café look nice, you enter into communities around games or other activities, and you help to invent and plan for example parties.

Volunteer in the kitchen

As a volunteer in the kitchen, it is your job, together with the staff and others in the kitchen, to create a good and varied range of products in the café. Together, you take care of both production, cleaning and dishwashing in the kitchen and sales of food and drink to café guests as well as catering to advisers. Depending on what you are passionate about and bring in experience, you have the opportunity to bid on specific tasks. It can be anything from baking French bread or cake over hot food to washing up, responsibility for purchasing sodas or something quite fourth.

Your colleagues

As a volunteer, you will come to meet and collaborate with our kitchen manager, our activity staff, our beauty workers and other volunteers. In addition to café and kitchen volunteers, we also have volunteer advisors and volunteer caretakers.

Expectations for you

In the cafe, we expect you to rest in being and in relationships taking time. You are curious about others and give way to their agenda in the conversation. At the same time, you have the courage to motivate and invite you to participate, for example in connection with events in the café or the local area or trips out of the house.

In the kitchen, we expect you to have a calm appearance, that you can meet all kinds of people with respect and openness, even if they may disturb you in your work, and that you have a look at where your colleagues in the kitchen could need a hand and how you can best complement and give space to each other in the kitchen.

You should allocate about 3-4 hours a weekday per week as well as a few extra hours a month by appointment. For example, it could be in connection with a celebration in the house, an event in the local area or a meeting for volunteers.

About Life Workshops and Café Vita

The Life Workshops in Gellerup are a self-governing institution under the Social Work of KFUM. We live at the top of the City West, where in addition to Café Vita we have offices and meeting rooms, where we offer free counseling in finance, legal aid and foreigners' legal aid. There is a large kitchen attached to the café with the possibility of different types of work testing. The café is open to everyone and offers daily sandwiches, hot food, cold and hot drinks and often cake. Here, common meals and celebrations, board games, pool, events etc. take place. In the local area we participate in for example concerts or market day. Tours out of the house can go to other places in Aarhus or further afield.

Does the above sound like something to you? Look past and / or send an email with some information about yourself and your motivation to apply for the job. Feel free to search with someone else.

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter
  • Workarea: Cultural activities, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Livsværkstederne i Gellerup

Information about the organisation:

Livsværkstederne i Gellerup
  • Updated: 07.08.19
  • Expires: 15.12.19