Mødrehjælpens Local Association in Lyngby is looking for activity volunteers who will help organize activities for families with children in the area.

As a volunteer, you can decide for yourself how much time you spend on the work.

The activities of the local association typically consist of three types of activities:

"Adventure activities", where the local association arranges "experiences" for families with children who would otherwise not have access to such activity (due to financial or other reasons). A typical example is a trip to an amusement park during the summer holidays. they volunteer to organize the tours and are often themselves on the tours.

"Support activities", where the local community conveys "experiences" (but does not even participate) for families with children who would otherwise not have access to such an experience. A typical example is our "Rolling Cake Man" where a birthday child can hold a complete child's birthday for the class, despite the family's possibly strained finances (or other reasons). They volunteer to arrange the offers, but are not even involved in, for example. birthday.

"Social networking activities", in which the local association organizes a number of similar activities, where the local families of children, in addition to the experience itself, eventually encounter some of the same other families with children and thus begin to form networks. A typical example is our "Nature and Family" trips into the local nature, for groups of local families. they volunteer to organize the activities, and often participate in the activities themselves.

You get this out of volunteering in our local association

  • Ability to help a vulnerable target audience
  • Experience in decision-making and collaboration in a voluntary association
  • Great co-determination and opportunity to make a mark on the development of the local association
  • Offers on courses in board work, recruitment and retention of volunteers etc.  

About us

Mødrehjælpen is an organization in rapid development. The local association in Lyngby aims to organize activities that create networks and improve the everyday life of pregnant and child families in the local area, including Hellerup and Gladsaxe municipality. In addition, the local association runs a children's clothing store with recycling for children, at Geels Plads 4 in Virum, where the profits go to activities for the target group in the local area and to Mødrehjælpens nationwide counseling. In addition to the proceeds from the store, local activities are typically funded by donations from local foundations and lodges and financial grants from the municipality.

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  • Workplace(s): Kongens Lyngby
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Humanitary work, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Mødrehjælpen

Information about the organisation:

  • Updated: 11.09.19
  • Expires: 31.12.19
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