"Dialog på Tværs", a brand new association called "Dialogue on the Cross", working with understanding and community across "majority" and "minority". We are new, but also old, because we build on a lot of experience, methods and ideas from previous projects and work on what we call "dialogic integration". What are you thinking? It is integration the right way. In other words, integraton in a way where it targets majority and minority side by side. Nothing to do with "integrating refugees and immigrants"; but instead we focus on what happens between us, between the so-called "ethnic Danes" and "people of different ethnic backgrounds". It creates something completely different, because in this way we stop pointing to "immigrants" as the problem, or to "stupid Danes" as the problem.

We have these activities underway: 1. Dialogue cafes, approx. every 14 days as we work to remove barriers across. 2. Into Action, a cross-ethnic forum theater group that goes out to schools, education and residents' homes and does forum theater on how to remove "them and us". 3. Public debate events on ement: "from" them and us "to" we "4. Social events for active in the association.

We are approx. 15 active right now, some of whom have not yet learned much Danish. So we are looking for a volunteer who can speak Arabic, and under Dialog cafes, will help with some translation. It is important that you join the association on an equal footing with everyone else. Therefore, you should be able to advocate for the purpose of the association.

:-) Hope to hear from you soon.

Many greetings Karen Nørskov. General Manager.

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  • Updated: 11.09.19
  • Expires: 08.12.19
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