We are looking for volunteers who will help in our creative workshop at Storms Pakhus. The workshop produces beeswax wraps which is an easy and sustainable food wrapper that can replace the use of silver paper and plastic. The sale will fund the organization's support for pressed families with children in Odense.

We expect you to:

  • Can see the idea in sustainability and want to convey the message
  • Can see the idea in Home-Start's work for pressed families with children and want to convey the message
  • You may want to have experience or want to hold workshops
  • Have a little extra time - You decide when and how much. We have a lovely informal tone, we are spacious and appreciate each one.

As a volunteer you get:

  • Training - You do not need to know the production of beeswax wraps beforehand - we make sure
  • You become part of a wonderfully inclusive multi-cultural community with a wide age range
  • Delight in seeing you make a difference
  • Personal and professional development - Offer of 5 annual theme and networking days and events with our other volunteers
  • Lots of coffee / tea, laughs and good stories

Home-Start Family Contact Odense is a voluntary social organization that supports pressured families with at least one child under school age. Our families' needs for help are diverse, perhaps the family has a limited network, at all or locally, has physical or mental problems, is challenged in the labor market, or is affected by illness. The families need support, support and sparring. With the creative workshop we help self-finance the support for the families and therefore it is an important part of Home-Start Family Contact Odense.

If you have any questions about the above and or would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us. (It is not the National Secretariat in Odense, but us in the local branch, Home-Start Odense, that should be contacted :-) THANK YOU). Our contact information can be found at http://odense.home-start.dk/

We are looking forward to hear from you.

HOME-START Family Contact is an organization where volunteers offer support, friendship and practical help to families with children under school age. The purpose is to prevent crises and breakdowns in toddler families. New family and community patterns create needs in families for support and new contacts. Families break up, generations live far apart, and residential areas wither socially. A family friend can make profits and bridge new networks.

Many, even ordinary working families, sometimes lack the necessary resources to make everyday life interconnected, and to prevent and solve problems in a timely manner. The opportunity to get that help is in the form of a volunteer family friend.

HOME-START wants to be the voice of the family, and help create relationships in the community that benefit family life. HOME-START supports because young children deserve the best start in life.

HOME-START is for all families with at least one child under 7 years. The assistance is free and confidential and the organization is independent of religious, political and financial interests.

Home-Start Family Contact Odense was established in 2011 and came to Denmark in 2006. Home-Start was originally started in England in 1973 and has branches in 22 countries worldwide.

You can read more about us at www.odense.home-start.dk .

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


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  • Workarea: Cultural activities
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Home-Start Familiekontakt

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