Every year we walk the road of trust. Invite with your talent.

You can become part of the planning team, where there are already some experienced planners, so we share the tasks.

You don't have to be able to walk. You must feel like community.

Music is played on the tour.

Practically, planning, accommodations, shopping, doing with the participants and driving the poetry car from lodging to lodging some of the days.

If you want to go for a few days, then there is also the opportunity.

You get the ride for free and become part of a community where there is high ceilings and you are allowed to be you.

We are located at the Volunteer Center Aarhus in Grønnegade and meet for shorter walks during the winter.

Confident greetings

Chairman and Founder of Dem og Os

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  • Assignmenttype: Managing activities, Training and sports, Other
  • Workarea: Cultural activities
  • Time-limited 04.07.20 - 11.07.20
  • Organisation: www.demogos.com
  • Updated: 13.12.19
  • Expires: 21.02.20
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