The Danish ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) is a non-profit exchange organization primarily for young people aged 16-30. We send both Danish young people out into the world on exchange through volunteering, and we receive foreign volunteers to Denmark. The idea is that young people from all over the world should have the opportunity to travel and meet new cultures.

Our local associations plan events for both Danish and foreign volunteers and all other members of the associations. This means lots of enjoyable cultural events that bring people closer to each other here in North Jutland, but also several times a year at national level. Events that characterize the North Jutland Local Association could be our international food and culture club, trip to Skagen, Christmas celebration and celebration of international holidays such as Chinese New Year and Día de muertos.

We are looking for volunteers to plan events for Local Association North Jutland, who

  • Want to shape cultural events or other events that bring people closer together
  • Want to develop their skills in a creative environment
  • Will contribute in a practical way, e.g. to shop, cook or decorate the room before an event
  • Want to meet young people from all over the world
  • Can help approx. 5 hours (or more as desired) per month when there is an event


We offer

  • Many fun experiences and the opportunity to get to know new people
  • Space to contribute and get to know the organization in a non-binding way
  • Opportunity for participation in various national events
  • Opportunity to develop your skills in event planning, recruitment, public relations and organizational work
  • An amazing community where your efforts are appreciated and where you get to meet many different and interesting people
  • Opportunity to take on more responsibility if you wish


You can join whether you have traveled with Danish ICYE or not. The most important thing is that you want to be part of the local community, where we together engage and create both small and large (cultural) experiences for volunteers and young volunteers who are in Denmark on one of the Danish ICYE programs, as well as for other members of the association and the public.

Please contact us via the 'contact association' form to hear more.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes

Local association Northern Jutland

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.

  • Updated: 17.01.20
  • Expires: 01.03.20
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