Do you have passion for the Spanish language and would you like to share it with others? Would you like to try teaching and engaging others in the Spanish language and current events in Latin America? Would you like to gain experience in teaching in an informal environment?

Then seize the opportunity and become a teacher at the Oxfam IBIS Spanish school 2020.

This spring we are going to start a Spanish school where volunteers teach Spanish to all interested in and around Aarhus. We are going to try and get participants at all levels. The classes will be divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediary and a conversation class.

The beginner level is for those with no previous knowledge of Spanish and as a teacher you will start from scratch by introducing gramma and pronunciation as well as small talking exercises.

On the intermediate level the participants have some knowledge of Spanish from e.g. school or travels but needs help refreshing some gramma and to build their vocabulary.

The conversation class is mainly held in Spanish and your role as a teacher is to keep the conversation going and to come up with interesting topics for debates.

As a volunteer you will be in charge of planning the classes on one level. Besides from teaching on the three levels each class will start out with a 30 min. presentation focused on the cultural, political or other interesting topics related to Spanish speaking countries and Oxfam IBIS work in Latin America. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to shape the Spanish school using your own experience and interests. The topic of the presentation can be used as basis for the teaching on the 3 levels.

As a teacher it is required that you are fluent in writing and speaking Spanish and that you can communicate this to others, as well as English. It is not a requirement that you have experience in teaching and this is why this is a good opportunity to try teaching if this is a path you are considering.

As a volunteer you therefore get:

  • Teaching experience in an informal environment
  • Experience in planning a teaching program
  • Experience with holding smaller events
  • A chance to practice your Spanish and stay informed about current events in Latin America
  • A wide network of others who share an interest in Spanish and Latin America

We expect:

  • That you want to share your knowledge in an informal environment
  • That you want to join a volunteer community

The Spanish classes will take place every second week beginning in the end of March. The 14th of February we have a planning meeting at 4pm at U-huset, Klosterport 4T Aarhus. Hurry up and send a very short application with a few words about yourself and what level you would like to teach. We look forward to welcoming you as a volunteer.

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


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  • Continual volunteering
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  • Expires: 22.03.20
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