Volunteer manager and cashier are sought, for newly started PTSD association.


1 cashier.

Purpose of association:

- Creating contact between municipalities, regions, the parliament, the health service and the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry

- What kind of offer is available

- Information and knowledge about PTSD

- Differences in PTSD

Although it is a voluntary PTSD association, we expect you to:

- Have knowledge within the association life (though not a must)

- Regular contact

- You are stable and actively participate in all the purposes of the association.

NB. The cashier must present documentation on a clean criminal record.

- Knowledge of finance and accounting.

You need to keep the profits in order and extra association work may occur the first time. (be obsessed on this)

The association offers and maintains the following:

- Premises belonging to the association and meetings take place in Aarhus.

- Excursions and events, for users of the association.

- Donations and grants must be sought

- Lectures

- Support for medicine, treatment and expenses must be sought

Mentors for the association must be sought so that there are always citizens without PTSD who will be responsible for the groups.

- A sanctuary must be arranged in a forest so that we can each get a break from everyday life (maybe Sweden)

There is warmth, space and heart room for all members

- Both for paying members and non-paying members.

Hope to hear from you if you are interested in the above and are passionate about helping other people with PTSD and have the profits to make a difference.

Thanks in advance

Danish PTSD


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  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy, Economy and administration
  • Workarea: Health and care
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Dansk PTSD Forening

Information about the organisation:

Dansk PTSD Forening

  • Updated: 08.07.20
  • Expires: 30.09.20