We are looking for volunteers who like to create enlightening, cultural events. Which are filled with great ideas and the abilities to bring them to life. You must like to coordinate and collaborate, but must also want to make a difference yourself. If you would like to accept a challenge across differences and have the opportunity to contribute to festivals such as Kulturmødet Mors, Roskilde Festival and Folkemødet Bornholm as well as eg Historiske Dage and other events, Grænseforeningen is ready to accept you.

The job:

You gain experience in developing, planning and implementing cultural events together with other volunteers and employees. The work consists of both idea development, meetings and meeting preparation and settlement of events. You therefore have the opportunity to contribute from start to finish and make your mark on the event where you have your interests. Working hours are flexible and the form of work is agreed in specific teams. It can, for example, be a mixture of meetings, online collaboration and the settlement of the event. You should expect to use ml. 25 - 30 hours pr. event or by appointment.

Volunteer in the Border Association gets:

  • Knowledge of Danish history, Borderland, Reunification and the significance for national identities in DK and Europe
  • Opportunity to get networks outside the country's borders, primarily with Danish speakers in Germany
  • The chance to take part in an event with national attention in 2020-21, namely the celebration of reunification
  • Participation in exciting events, where you are also allowed to experience the event as a whole
  • Experiences and part of a very special community
  • A boost to your resume
  • A volunteer certificate after min. 25 hours commitment
  • The recognition of making a difference in order to spread the understanding and knowledge of minority issues in a Danish context, from which others will be able to learn.

Briefly about the association

Midtsjællands Grænseforening has approx. 200 members in Roskilde, Køge and surroundings.

The Border Association is a public information organization whose purpose is to support Danishness in the Danish-German border country. The Border Association works under the slogan: "For an open Danishness".

We believe that the experiences from the border country, where one has gone from enmity to friendship, are crucial for Danish democracy and the meeting between cultures.

The Border Association publishes teaching and information material and works to ensure that Danes of all ages form personal ties across the border and learn from each other's language and culture.

The Border Association, which has its secretariat in Copenhagen, is an umbrella organization for 55 local associations all over Denmark. The Envoy Meeting, which is the Border Association's general meeting, constitutes the supreme authority, and the Border Association's board is responsible for the day - to - day management.

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Updated: 16.07.21
  • Expires: 21.12.21
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