We have 2000 - 2500 m2 organic flower garden in Hillerød.

This is our 3rd season full time. In the garden there are volunteers who come once in a while, and help a little with digging, weeding and arranging. So if you have some free time on hand here during the summer months, we welcome your help with kiss hand.

Brede Havekiosk, is a registered social economic company that works to promote awareness of organic flowers - and that there is an alternative to a polluting and environmentally damaging flower industry. We are still in a kind of start-up phase, and are not yet generating profit. On a daily basis, there is myself and a gardening student.

Has just published the book 'Organic Flowers, The Flower Farmer's Cultivate Guide, which you can also find in most libraries.

Hope this post makes you want to lend a hand, to make the garden look more beautiful than ever. You can start by making an appointment to come out and see it.


Hope to see you.






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  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Practical work, Other
  • Workarea: Nature and environment
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Brede Havekiosk IVS
  • Updated: 07.08.20
  • Expires: 15.10.20