NGO PILOT's purpose is to create awareness of the complex issues that exist in the Danish volunteer travel market, and thereby be a platform for knowledge sharing that contributes to sustainable change in the market.

We are growing, it is great, and we therefore need more hands. We are very open to exactly what your assistance will look like and we would very much like to hear about your thoughts and ideas in relation to the work - in this way create a strong and sustainable role together.

Our team consists of four completely different people and it is our passion and desire to create debate about the popular but often harmful type of travel where people travel abroad to do volunteer work.

We see ourselves as innovative and want to run the association in a way adapted to each of our optimal work structures. Ie. we work more or less digitally and can be anywhere. It must be nice to work and the framework must be free. We have a network of startups and freelancers who give us huge support - so we have a good foundation for tackling mission.

We are looking for people to gather, create and share knowledge about the Danish volunteer travel market and in areas it may relate to.


How do you want to research the market? You will be the leader of your research project, so contact us for a meeting and we will look at the issue you see and how you will approach it.


We offer

  • Flexible working hours often digitally - sometimes meetings at innovative and green entrepreneurial house (Greencubator) Nørrebrogade.
  • Experience in the volunteer travel market and entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity for more responsibility and grow with the association
  • Advocacy
  • An exciting team with a focus on joy and well-being

Your profile

  • You have an interest in the association's purpose
  • You will share knowledge about the purpose of the association
  • You want development
  • You are self-driving and dedicated


You have the opportunity to spend time on the project and possibly. come into the office on Nørrebrogade once in a while.

We look forward to hearing from you and otherwise find us on social media (:!



Instagram is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy, Volunteering abroad, Other
  • Workarea: Political work, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: NGOPILOT.ORG

Information about the organisation:

Frivilligt arbejde er en smuk gerning, og skal derfor ydes effektivt og bæredygtigt gennem pos...
Frivilligt arbejde er en smuk gerning, og skal derfor ydes effektivt og bæredygtigt gennem positiv effekt på; de lokale folk, landet og dig som frivillig. Mange unge danskere rejser til udlandet hvert år for, at lave frivillig arbejde. Hvad mange frivillige ikke ved er, at der intet regelsæt er for rejsebureauerne for, hvem de må arbejde sammen med. Derudover mangler der generelt en dybdegående form for validering af disse projekter, for netop at kunne se udviklingen hos projektet, som modtager de frivillige. Men også for at sikre, at man rent faktisk hjælper fx. dyrene og børnene man rejser ned til og ikke direkte skader dem, som det ofte er tilfældet. NGOPILOT har til formål at oplyse den danske befolkning om det uregulerede frivillig-rejse marked. 

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  • Updated: 15.10.20
  • Expires: 11.01.21
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