Elderlearn is a socio-economic organization, creating 1 to 1 relationships between older Danes and foreigners. It is beneficial both socially and socially when senior citizens and foreigners are matched and benefit from each other's company. Older Danes are "experts in Denmark" and that knowledge should be passed on :-)

We therefore match foreigners who are in the process of learning Danish with Danish pensioners. You meet approx. Once a week for an hour, usually at the home of the elderly. And then you can talk about everything from why Matador is both a series everyone loves, a game you always become unfriendly about, and a bag of sweets you only like half of, to how the three divisions of power actually work.

… .And then it tends to end up with all parties thinking that it is a rewarding relationship that creates many joys in everyday life :-)

Elderlearn covers all of Denmark, so no matter where you live, you can volunteer at Elderlearn. Among other things, we are supported by foundations, and the profit we get, we spend on being able to match throughout the country

We will make sure to find a language student who lives near you and who we think you will have fun with. There is no binding, and Elderlearn will be in constant contact to help and support your match.

REQUIREMENTS: That you are a nice person who is retired, who wants to help a young person get to know Denmark.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Many kind regards,

Team Elderlearn

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