Who is ADC?

ADC is a new organization that wants to contribute nuanced and professional in the fight for equality and equal opportunities for people with an African background.

We want to point the arrow forward to put an end to structural discrimination and anti-black racism. We want an activism and professionalism, where we objectively and soberly participate in debates, dialogue and collaboration with other organizations, demonstrations, continuing education and knowledge work, where the nuances and curious dialogue must have a place. We want to focus on the research and evidence we have in Denmark regarding racism and discrimination, and we also want to promote the representation of Afro-Danes in the public debate, the political agenda and future research. And we want to shed light on the work with anti-black racism, making visible and strengthening Afro-Danes and people with an African background and create cohesion between them.

Your task in ADC!
Our task in the Members Service Team consists of handling the inquiries ADC receives by e-mail as well as administrative tasks in that connection. We are currently a nice team of 3 volunteers who distribute the work evenly but with understanding of each other's schedule.

Your task: The workflow is you sign up for a couple of shifts a month and a little extra when there are events, as it can lead to a higher workload than otherwise. As a volunteer in ADC's Member Service Team, you will receive thorough training in taking shifts and making member lists as well as the systems we use to solve the tasks.

Your characteristics: First and foremost, it is important that you have the time to volunteer. It is clearly an advantage that you can handle many taks at once. We are looking for a volunteer with the communication and collaboration skills in order. It is important that you possess the ability to approach a task independently in an organized and committed way - sometimes you need to be creative in solving tasks to achieve goals. Knowledge of basic excel documents is a plus.

To be considered as a volunteer, it is an essential requirement that you support the ADC's agenda, action plans and manifesto.

If this sounds like something for you then fill out the form 'contact organization'.

Best regards

Afro Danish Collective

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  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy
  • Workarea: Humanitary work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Afro Danish Collective
  • Updated: 07.01.21
  • Expires: 06.02.21