A Common Step should make it easier for people with mental vulnerability to become part of given communities.

The project will create solutions that support inclusion and increase the target group's participation in communities that the target group would not otherwise find their way to on their own.

A Common Step must, through a virtual and / or handheld approach, build a bridge to the associations in Odense municipality. All measures comply with the authorities' recommendations during the closure.

The bridge construction consists of three steps of which the participant can be a part;

  1. Virtual communities - where you can get an insight into the associations. The virtual spaces are shared on social media, website, etc. We create a community at a distance in a safe virtual context, so it is easier to become part of the next step towards the community. Here, as a volunteer, you can help create simple and understandable virtual movies.
  2. Small communities / groups of max five - here you can practice participating in social groups and get dressed for association life. These can be, for example, walking and nature groups, creative groups, sports groups, literature clubs, etc. Here you as a volunteer can help and do an activity together with another volunteer.
  3. The link to the associations - here the associations come into play and we help the participant further towards the community.

A Common Step should create security and support the participant into communities. The three steps must dress the participant so that he or she finds the way into the community that he / she wants to be a part of in the easiest and safest way. It can often be difficult and anxiety-provoking for people with mental vulnerability to step in the door to a new community - and that is exactly what we want to make an easier process!

We expect you as a volunteer;

- can create security and trust.

- want to make a difference for people with mental vulnerability.

- is present and responsible.

- want to spend 1-2 hours a week as a volunteer / and or 3-4 hours every 14 days. Primarily a certain afternoon.

- want to support the project manager with good ideas and put your own stamp on your volunteer role.

As a volunteer, you can expect;

- sparring with the project manager and the rest of the volunteer group.

- to create good experiences and value for other people.

- participate in volunteer fun and events with the rest of the Stop's volunteers.

gain experience in social work.

A Common Step is located on Jernbanegade 24B Odense C, but will be in nature, use the culture and the local environment.

Does the project sound like something for you? So contact us to find out more!

We are also on Facebook "A Common Step".

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  • Assignmenttype: Corona: Help and support, Managing activities, Training and sports
  • Workarea: Health and care, Social work , Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Sind - Landsforeningen for psykisk sundhed
  • Updated: 12.02.21
  • Expires: 10.05.21
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