We give girls a free space where there is room for talk, trouble and challenges - all with nature and outdoor life as a framework. We want the girls to meet young and adult role models who see each and every one of them and create meaningful activities.

Our teenage members experience that their ideas are taken seriously and that they are supported to make them a reality. At the same time, we give the girls a free space from having to perform constantly and be perfect to be accepted. The girls have a great influence on the program, and we alternate between the fact that they themselves are active in making things happen, and that they "just" have to show up and participate.

The basis for the work is the weekly meetings every Wednesday at 18.45-20.45.
In addition, we have approx. once a month an extra activity, eg an outdoor trip with accommodation, an afternoon focusing on a specific topic or the like. Some months we send the girls away to meet others for our national events. And some months we or the girls ourselves plan the extra activities.

Our dream is to get more members in 8.-10. grade. That is why we work both to retain our current members and to invite new girls into the community.

Our dream is that all types of girls can feel safe and challenged in our community, among other things by being able to reflect in different types of adult role models.

The Green Girl Scouts have a long tradition of enabling girls and young women to develop their full potential. We have strong values that are reflected in all our activities.
As a leader with us, you will be dressed for the role via courses and sparring with the others in the leadership group. We lift in droves and of course have room for you to put as many hours into the task as you can.

See more about us at www.pigespejder.dk/jonstrup

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