• Gademix is a social meeting place for 10-16 year old children and young people in Kolding's southwest quarter.


As a volunteer, you must take the lead in creating unity by contributing with a desire to get to know our children and young people.

We are involved in exciting projects around cycling, outdoor activities and our allotment garden, where you can help with fun, games, plants, flowers, small construction projects or maybe cook on a campfire :)

We are looking for committed and responsible volunteers who are passionate about making a difference for our many wonderful children and young people who lack self-esteem, networks and adult role models. We want Gademix to help strengthen young people's belief in their own abilities and future. We are outside most of the time and have plenty of hand alcohol to comply with corona restrictions.

We are looking for volunteers a few hours a week or every other week. It can be 14-16.30 or 19-21.30. In addition, we arrange various events on weekends and holidays, where you can participate in both planning and holding.

We expect you as a volunteer:

  • Meet the young people at eye level, with spaciousness, equality and respect.

  • Is good at collaborating with other volunteers and children / young people. Eg. that you show yourself as a role model, clean up after yourself and help.

  • contributes initiative and can help strengthen young people so that they see themselves and their future in a positive light.

  • Is robust and good at handling conflicts

  • Is good at organizing and initiating activities, such as. ball games, making bonfires, board games, creative activities, repairing bicycles, playing music, maybe you have "green fingers" or something else that you are passionate about?

  • Want to create a good, safe and inclusive atmosphere in everyday life

  • Have a clean criminal record.

  • is interested in the young people's lives and daily lives and which supports the young people in a positive behavior and manner.

In return, you get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children and young people. A life that can be characterized by failure, lack of network and limited opportunities for holiday experiences. You can get networking, sparring of the site manager, experience for your resume and an opinion. You will be part of a good community, where we are a good stable group of volunteers with different backgrounds.

If you want to know more or want a tour of Gademix, hen fill out the form 'Contact organisation'

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  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Children and youths
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Social work
  • Time-limited 06.02.23 - 29.10.23
  • Organisation: Gademix

Information about the organisation:

  • Updated: 06.02.23
  • Expires: 02.08.23
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