If you want to convey stories about people through photos and video, you can test your ideas in practice at Bk Skjold.

We have far too many stories that are never told - we hope you can help.

For us, it is about getting the human relations mediated, whether we have sports for pensioners, foot shelters for the vulnerable or activities for fathers on maternity leave and their children.

We hope you enjoy playing with your design language and trying new things. - At Bk Skjold, we are constantly working on being innovative and finding new ways to modernize the association's work.

You can structure and organize your work yourself and decide for yourself whether it should be one hour every other week or much more.

We have activities morning to evening and also have some events where we hope you feel like coming by and taking photos.

In short: you just have to feel like taking pictures and conveying stories.

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  • Workplace(s): København
  • Assignmenttype: Communication and IT, Practical work, Other
  • Workarea: Cultural activities, Social work , Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Boldklubben Skjold

Information about the organisation:

Boldklubben Skjold
  • Updated: 09.06.21
  • Expires: 25.07.21