Næsby Boldklub has started an exciting project for the little ones. 'Fugleungerne' (The Little Birds) are for 0-4-year-old girls and boys, as well as their parents / grandparents, who can not wait to kick to the little round, and have some nice hours together.

In the “nest” of the little birds, everyone is welcome, regardless of stage of development. Here, the children will be greeted at child height with playful activities that stimulate the children's motor skills, coordination and imagination. In short, at Fugleungerne there are all possibilities to bring out the smile in a playful movement universe, for both children and adults.

Throughout a season, Fugleungerne will come through several playful and exploratory themes.

Join the African savannah where exotic animals such as noisy lions, huge elephants, whimsical flamingos and giant giraffes will be photographed. Cross blades with Captain Claw and his clumsy pirates on the hunt for the treasure chest of the century. Discover different planets and aliens of all sizes as we jump aboard the space rocket towards outer space. Or meet cowboys and Indians as you cross the North American prairie in search of gold and diamonds.

The universes must be perceived as an evolving safety journey for ball and movement and the children will experience narratives such as Africa's safari, a trip in the jungle and the opportunity to play whale and crab below sea level.

Our concept 'Fugleungerne' for the 0–4-year-olds, has become a huge success, and has rounded more than 40 registered children and that means that we now need more hands.

Can you tick the following:

- Is in training / trained pedagogical assistant or pedagogue.

- Wants to contribute to children's motor development through play with and without the ball

- Is responsible and stable in meetings


Then this is you we are looking for!


We offer:

- Clothing package

- A voluntary work that adorns the CV

- The best start on Saturday, in company with happy children and parents


We are looking for more people in charge, so that we can make a rotation arrangement and take individual considerations among the individual people in charge. The chicks are placed every Saturday from 10:00 - 11:00. For each gathering, you will have 1-2 helpers available, whose purpose is to create joy socially among the young birds.

All gatherings are planned in advance from our side, you will therefore have a predefined plan for the gathering, where with freedom under responsibility you have the opportunity to influence the Birds in your own direction.


Read more about the chicks HERE .

Watch TV2's feature about the Bird Cubs HERE .

Read DBU Fyn's article about the young birds HERE .

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  • Assignmenttype: Children and youths, Training and sports
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Næsby Boldklub

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Næsby Boldklub
  • Updated: 24.06.21
  • Expires: 31.12.21
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