We are missing volunteers who will help run Denmark's first non-profit second-hand shop for dogs! We work for the climate, by making it easy and delicious for dog owners to buy used for dogs, and then we donate all profits to a good cause for dogs.
We are a young, committed volunteer team, and we need YOU, whether you want to be in the store, or have responsibilities and something on your resume.


  • Have experience with dogs - eg because you have (had) a dog, worked in a boarding school or similar.
  • Can take minimum 2 shifts a month during our opening hours
  • Can see yourself volunteering in my. 6 months
  • You are positive, have lots of courage and want to be part of a newly started project
  • Preferably service experience as a shop assistant, waiter or similar.


  • Serving our sweet 2- and 4-legged customers
  • Take used dog cases and wash them
  • Arrange the items so the store looks great
  • Pricing items
  • Use exactly your skills and abilities. Whether you have the flair for arranging shop windows, are a shark for SoMe, have a graphic flair or something completely different, we look forward to finding out

ABOUT US: 2nd PAW is based on 100% volunteer work, we are a small dedicated team who agree that it should be fun to volunteer! You have ample opportunity to have co-responsibility, something on the CV and influence on your tasks.
If you have something you are passionate about, want to learn something new or gain practical experience in, for example, fundraising, marketing at SoMe or event management, you really have the opportunity to move with us.

Write a half page about yourself and why you want to volunteer at 2nd PAW.


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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


Information about the organisation:

2nd PAW
  • Updated: 24.11.21
  • Expires: 26.02.22