As a volunteer in The Young Butterflies, you will help to make a HUGE difference for younger relatives of dementia.

About The Young Butterflies
We are a newly started voluntary association, which works to create a unique, social and active community for younger relatives of dementia - a community where relatives can meet physically and digitally and get the right help and support throughout the course of the disease, including receiving professional teaching and professional advice.

The association DUSF is currently working on developing three initiatives that you can help launch and develop!

Vær Social meeting place (Cafe De Unge Sommerfugle)
↺ Online knowledge platform
↻ Podcast series

We are looking for

An All-In-One podcast producer who wants to be part of a new podcast journey from start to finish.

We are looking for a creative zealot who first and foremost loves the podcast medium, but at the same time also has a great desire to help create a strong and courageous listening experience especially aimed at relatives of dementia.

For us, it does not matter whether you are a self-taught, student or graduate journalist.
The most important thing is that you are interested in developing, editing and producing podcasts.

  • You may have worked with the medium before in one way or another, and you have a great interest in and knowledge of the podcast market in general
  • You may have experience in podcast production and in producing and editing audio
  • Hopefully you have technical flair and are used to handling microphones and recording equipment
  • It would be really cool if you could commit to Hindenburg, Audacity, ProTools or a similar editing program

We can offer you:

  • Exciting challenges in Denmark's first and largest community for younger relatives of dementia
  • The opportunity to work with a meaningful purpose
  • Great co-determination in a newly started association
  • A learning process where you get the opportunity to have a lot of responsibility in everything from idea development to execution
  • Practical experience with volunteer work

We expect you to:

  • Want to make a difference for relatives of dementia
  • Can sell approx. 5 hours a month and preferably a minimum of 2 working days, where we meet physically
  • Is committed and responsible
  • Is creative and curious
  • Has a good mood and likes coffee;
  • It is a huge plus if you have previous experience with association work, but not a requirement

Who are you?
You can be retired, student, unemployed or something completely different. It's not important to us. As long as you have the desire to do volunteer work and want, like us, to improve conditions for relatives of dementia.

The work is unpaid, but it gives you an obvious opportunity to be able to add relevant experience to your resume or just spend a few hours in the service of a good cause.

We need all hands
Do you have any special skills or do you just go with the idea of becoming a volunteer, then feel free to write a little about yourself and about your wishes as a volunteer to us. We have big visions and goals for our association, which we hope will grow large and nationwide in the coming year.

If you think that our association and work sounds exciting, then hurry up and write a few words about yourself.
We are looking forward to hear from you.

Warm and sunny summer greetings

Julie & Christina
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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Workplace(s): København Ø
  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy, Communication and IT, Other
  • Workarea: Health and care, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: De Unge Sommerfugle
  • Updated: 24.08.21
  • Expires: 01.12.21
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