HackYourFuture is a non-profit organization that aims to train refugees, asylum seekers, and other disadvantaged groups to become web developers and empower them by opening the doors to a very in-demand job market.

We deeply believe talented and motivated newcomers can bring value to the Danish job market, and society as a whole. HackYourFuture aims to support the development of peoples' potential and create better access to the IT job market.

Until now, over 120 graduates from our courses in Copenhagen have landed jobs and internships in the IT industry. In November 2021 we launched our first cohort of students in Aarhus, who are now set to graduate this August.

What is the timeline for volunteering as a HackYourFuture mentor?

We will be starting our second cohort in Aarhus in October 2022. The course will run until June-July 2023, and we hope to repeat the success with another cohort in late 2023.

We already have a great group of talented and motivated volunteer mentors but are looking for more volunteer web developers to join the team. 🤗

We teach our classes on Sundays between 12:00 - 16:00 and students are expected to complete homework consisting of 25 hours of mostly self-directed, project-based learning (we provide online support as a community via a Slack channel and GitHub). The program runs for 34 weeks and is divided into 9 modules of 3-5 weeks, where we teach HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Databases, GIT and React.

You can read more about our volunteering roles and curriculum here: https://mentor.hackyourfuture.dk/

We also do company visits, go to meetups, and use the awesome local developer community to help our students to integrate as well as possible into the IT industry and unfold their full potential.

What do we ask of you as a mentor:

  • You are motivated to share your knowledge and expertise with the students.
  • You work with some of the technologies we teach (JavaScript, Node.js, React, GIT, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3)
  • You can contribute in one or more of the following ways: teaching/mentoring students, online support with homework, 1:1 mentoring, CV/Linkedin/interview support. (max 8-10 hours per week, usually 3-5 weeks commitment at a time)
  • You can join the classes taking place in Aarhus
  • You can teach in English (not all students speak Danish)   

What we offer (what do you gain from being part of the HackYourFuture community):

  • You will contribute to improving the lives of others through tech education 🚀

  • You will become a better expert of your own craft by teaching your knowledge 🤓

  • You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working 👐

  • You will become a part of HackYourFuture’s professional network 🌐

  • There is always room for your own input and ideas 💡

Interested or have any other input? Hit us up via the application under 'contact organization' - we can't wait to hear from you!

Read more about HackYourFuture Denmark:

HackYourFuture in Aarhus is supported by grants and company partners Novicell & Umbraco.

Frivilligjob.dk is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


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HackYourFuture supports refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged groups with limited access to fur...

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