Every Monday at 17-20, a small group of beautiful, young people meet in Netværkshuset Kastruplund. They enjoy communal dining, card games, dancing, grilling marshmallows, going on trips, or other activities that the young people and volunteers come up with together. The young people have a team of good volunteers around them who set the framework, have fun with the young people and start the activities with them. The volunteer team lacks 2-3 colleagues who have the time and desire to be with the young people.

The young people have various challenges which means that they are socially isolated and have a fragile network. Their challenges are, for example, anxiety, loneliness or autism.

We need you as:

- Passionate about working with young people with different social challenges

- Has experience with or great interest in working with people with mental and / or social challenges.

- Has a sense of humor and is spacious.

Can vouch for the seven principles of the Red Cross: The seven principles | Red Cross (rodekors.dk)

- Can be voluntary about 2 Mondays a month at. 17-20.

What do we offer?

- A lovely house with lots of warmth, wonderful users and volunteers. The house is close to the beach and metro.

Opportunity to participate in Red Cross' courses for volunteers and gain good experience on your CV.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Children and youths, Mentor and buddy
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Røde Kors Hovedstaden

Information about the organisation:

Røde Kors Hovedstaden
Røde Kors Hovedstaden har eksisteret siden 1917 og er den største lokalafdeling under...
Røde Kors Hovedstaden har eksisteret siden 1917 og er den største lokalafdeling under Røde Kors i Danmark. Vi er 3.000 frivillige, som lægger tid og energi i mere end 50 forskellige aktiviteter til gavn og glæde for de mest udsatte i vores lokalområde. Røde Kors Hovedstaden dækker København, Frederiksberg, Tårnby og Dragør kommuner.Vores ambition er, at de socialt udsatte i hovedstaden skal have mulighed for at indgå i de fællesskaber, de ønsker. De skal have den støtte, de har behov for – ikke mindst til de svære overgange i livet, hvor ressourcerne er særligt knappe.
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  • Updated: 24.11.21
  • Expires: 17.12.21
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