Foodsharing Copenhagen is one of Denmark's largest anti-food waste organizations. At Foodsharing Copenhagen, we raise awareness of the food waste and distribute food that would otherwise be thrown away but is still perfectly good. 


Therefore we would like to invite responsible and motivated on sustainability volunteers to join our team! 


We have plenty of tasks and positions that one can participate and challenge themselves and among these are:


  • Event Manager
  • Social Media and Marketing team member
  • Financial reporting team member
  • Volunteer recruitment team member
  • Supply network responsible
  • Free fridge responsible
  • Special projects team member
  • Day-to-day volunteers


Volunteer work details:

Time: 6h per month (flexible)

Main tasks: Vary from position to position, and you can choose what you want to contribute to.



Event Manager: Coordinate one event per month in Christianshavn

  1. Engage volunteers to participate and split tasks
  2. Prepare and collect the food in supermarkets and bakeries
  3. Help volunteers to distribute the food to attendees


Social Media and Marketing: Run Foodsharing's social media and promote activities

  1. Create Facebook events on Foodsharing events
  2. Reply to messages and emails
  3. Promote Foodsharing and sustainability on Facebook, Instagram


Financial Reporting:

  1. Keep track of expenses and donations
  2. Facilitate in purchases of equipment or vehicle renting 


Volunteer recruitment: 

  1. Engage with existing volunteers
  2. Expand our volunteering network
  3. Create events for team building and volunteer meet-ups


Supply network:

  1. Maintain communication with our current supliers
  2. Expand our supply network to include more supermarkets, bakeries etc in our collection


Free Fridge (FællesSkabet i København): 

  1. Maintain activities of the Free Fridge
  2. Come into communication and set up new locations where new fridges can be placed


Special projects: Be part of the following projects, or come up with new

  1. Podcasts
  2. Workshops
  3. Social dinners
  4. Bread collection
  5. Company events


Day-to-day volunteers: Option for people who do not want to commit and simply only participate 

  1. Collect food for food sharing events
  2. Distribute the collected food to attendies
  3. Collect bread with your bike and drop it in specific locations
  4. Join monthly Free Fridge cleanings
  5. Participate in social dinners and events
  6. Drive van on the collection day
  7. Anything else might needed



If you are interested, please send us your CV and a small presentation of yourself, explaining your motivation and why you would like to be part of our association. 


Join us so we can fight food waste together! is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Updated: 24.02.22
  • Expires: 21.08.22