Who are we?

Nicolai Cinema is a volunteer-run cinema in the heart of Kolding and the cultural complex Nicolai. In the cinema, we show both the big popular Cinema Club Denmark films, the narrower European and Asian films and a weekly classic film gem. We also arrange various film events with i.a. lectures and special screenings.

We are currently ca. 80 dedicated volunteers, who are responsible for virtually all aspects of the daily operation of Kolding's nicest cinema:

  • Sale of tickets and kiosk goods
  • That the technique plays and the movies run
  • To plan events and special events
  • PR work such as marketing, press work and social media
  • Administrative tasks and fundraising
  • Poster hanging and other practical tasks in the house

Become a volunteer in Nicolai Cinema's PR and Event Group

Right now we are looking for new volunteers as for our PR and Event group, which is responsible for the cinema's marketing and special events. The tasks range widely and include:

  • Visibility on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Homepage
  • Text constitution (eg film descriptions and news)
  • Graphic products (eg flyers and posters)
  • Newsletters in Mailchimp
  • Press releases
  • Planning and holding various events (eg Oscar Night, quiz nights and Halloween)
  • Photography and video editing

What can we offer you?

There are many attractive benefits to volunteering in Nicolai Cinema's PR and event group:

  • You will be part of a unique community where we all love movies and have a strong social cohesion
  • You can go to the cinema for free
  • Plenty of opportunity to strengthen your CV and your competencies within marketing, SoMe and event management
  • Make your mark on the cinema's communication strategy and graphic work
  • Develop and execute your great ideas for cool and quirky movie events
  • You get a 10% discount in Nicolai Café
  • We regularly hold social events such as. Friday bar, parties and film quiz
  • Approx. 4 times a year we hold cozy volunteer cafes with joint meeting and dining

What does it take?

It is subordinate whether you are in education or fully trained, as long as you have an interest in communication, dissemination and / or event management. You must want to try your hand at one or more of the different work tasks in the PR and Event group. It is an advantage if you are good at writing, can coordinate and are full of great ideas that you can bring to life.

Do you want to volunteer?

Then write to us or stop by. Feel free to send your CV with. Then we invite you for a cup of coffee and a chat about which tasks are right for you and how to get started as a volunteer with us. Read more about the cinema at nicolaiobio.dk

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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


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