Would you like to get to know a young person from another culture? Do you want to be an extra support for a young person who is new to Denmark? Want to learn more about your own family's culture?

There will be approx. 20 after-school students from all over the world to Denmark at the end of July to go to after-school for a year. We want to give them the opportunity to experience life in Denmark outside of after school and we hope that you will take part in it, by opening your home to a young person who is new to Denmark.

Being a contact family for an AFS after-school student is a really good opportunity to get to know a different culture and a different country. At the same time, the contact family will be visited by a person who must be part of the family and thus make the family see themselves and their surroundings with fresh eyes.

As a starting point, you as a contact family are with the student on the weekends when they can not be at school and during the holidays and public holidays. This differs from school to school and we can always send you the details. If you already know that there is a holiday or a couple of weekends where it can not fit, then it is no problem, as long as you report it well in advance.

It is thus a unique opportunity to welcome another culture and become wiser about yourself in your family!

You can live all over the country and we welcome all family compositions :)

If you are curious to hear more, write to us here! E

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