The Media1 work can be done from anywhere in Denmark, as you can find useful internet at most libraries if you do not have it yourself.

The films are published on the internet freely available, see

Part of Medie1's programs are about politics. Media1 is critical of the policies pursued.

In addition, we publish i.a. music, as well as humanistic, spiritual and scientific programs.

Medie1 is looking for employees who have very different backgrounds and who want to work with the following functions:

  • Journalist who can ask critical questions to: politicians, "real" journalists, and influencers. Being able to write can also be a quality. 

  • Interviewer who can have a conversation with others, possibly in English.

  • Reviewer who can do interviews with writers, musicians, or artists, can visit literary performances, concerts, or vernissages, and can write about it.

  • Music reporter who can record an entire church concert.

  • Editing technician who edits our audio and film recordings so that they have a high technical quality.

  • Lawyer who can work with copyright, media support, GDPR, insurance rules, or anything else.

  • Fund-raiser who can apply to funds etc. for funds for the operation of Medie1, including web, transport and gear.

  • Stand-up comedian, ie critical comedian who can "spearhead" the attitudes of politicians - also in the EU, the journalists, the public servants, all the "good ones", etc.

  • Webmaster who will publish our programs.

  • Editor for social media, and who does PR for our most important programs on e.g. Facebook or Instagram.

  • Audio programmer who will automate our audio editing so that we more easily achieve the quality sound that Medie1 wants to deliver.

  • Internet programmer who will establish the possibility of live Medie1 broadcasts to really many viewers.

  • Subtitling programmer who can automate subtitling of our programs, e.g. to English subtitle if Danish has been spoken .

  • Repair of electronics and mechanics, and which can keep computers, "transformers", microphones, cables, etc. running, as well as can repair a stand.

  • Service employee who will help a music reporter with the transport of the up to about 30-40 kg heavy equipment in a car or train, will help with setting up and taking down equipment, and during the recording can control a camera and a sound recorder.

We do not expect you to be fully experienced in the above. We can help you well on your way v.hj.a. courses and guides available.

When you go on a "reportage trip" for Medie1, then you will have Medie1 colleagues you can call if you find yourself in a critical situation.

Medie1 naturally covers expenses that have been agreed in advance. is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Communication and IT, Practical work
  • Workarea: Church and religion, Cultural activities, Political work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Medie1
  • Updated: 22.06.22
  • Expires: 18.09.22