Activity volunteer: Do you want to make a difference for people with dementia?

 Center for Dementia has an evening college for Copenhageners living at home with dementia and their family and friends.

What should you do as an activity volunteer?

As an activity volunteer, you help give Copenhageners affected by dementia a good experience with various activities that you are passionate about and would like to pass on.

In collaboration with the activity worker and other volunteers, you will be responsible for an evening of activities that create a space for a good atmosphere and joy for the participants.

Right now we are dreaming of a volunteer who :

  • is passionate about a creative activity and wants to pass this on to the participants, e.g. drawing, painting, decoupage etc
  • would like to help with rhythmic collaboration for group singing
  • will do guided shared reading/reading aloud, theatre/drama etc.
  • will do movement activities, e.g. old games, light gymnastics, ball games etc
  • can help participants learn how to use their smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Other fun, interesting and inspiring activities

How long time?

You decide how many times you want to participate - we agree what you want and time for.

There is Evening High School every Thursday from 16-18 in De Gamles By in Nørrebro.

What do we offer you?

You meet a lot of wonderful people with dementia and their family and friends, whom you can delight and inspire with your activities. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to meet other volunteers, get sparring and dementia specialist knowledge as well as shared experiences.

How do I become an activity volunteer?

Contact our activities officer, Rikke.

Center for Dementia, Lindehusene - Training and advice, is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Updated: 08.08.22
  • Expires: 01.11.22