Hi there,

We need a volunteer to upgrade our website from Drupal 7 to a newer version. Link to our website: www.peoplesfundglobal.org

The content has to be approximately the same, and the site does not need to be redesigned.

We make no demands on your background or education, as long as you can solve the task.

About us: Our organization sends development grants to women and children living in extreme poverty in the Ivory Coast. They decide for themselves what they want to spend the money on - democratically and efficiently. We are a handful of volunteers spread across different countries who work for the organization.

By helping our organisation with this task, you will help sustain our ability to provide support to some of the most marginalised and vulnerable, yet incredibly resilient, women and children in the world.


Frederik Federspiel, MD, MPH

Chairman, The People's Fund for Global Health and Development

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  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Communication and IT
  • Time-limited 15.05.24 - 31.12.24
  • Organisation: The People's Fund for Global Health and Development

Information about the organisation:

The People's Fund for Global Health and Development
  • Updated: 15.05.24
  • Expires: 01.12.24