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The local Aalborg-based branch of Center for MagtAnalyse (CMA) is a team of driven international and Danish volunteers putting their various backgrounds and skills together in the interest of anti-violence advocacy work.

We are currently seeking to welcome new socially engaged people for both our Event Planning and Social Media teams, respectively.

We believe in the power of shared-experiences and bridge-building, hence we highly encourage all genders and all nationalities to join us. The more diverse we are, the more equipped we are to tackle all intersections of systemic violence.

Who are we?

CMA Nord is the local branch of Center for MagtAnalyse in Aalborg, a feminist volunteer-based NGO that aims to end all types of structural violence in Denmark on a social and political level. It is a very ambitious project that requires us to thoroughly work with an intersectional and trauma-informed lens. Our goal is to start conversations and spark social change through producing evidence-based knowledge, bolstering storytelling, offering peer-support groups, advocating for gendered policies, and pre-eminently, working towards building stronger healing communities.

What can we offer you?

Working together with like-minded people can be an empowering experience. What brings us at CMA  together is a mix of shared values and the drive of implementing long-lasting change in society. We offer you the opportunity to gain experience and build your skills in an encouraging and socially engaged environment. Next to this, you will also have the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with strategic NGO actors and activists, both local and Copenhagen-based. 


Description of tasks & profiles wanted


For our next Volunteer Social media strategist:

  • Assisting in shaping our social media strategy 
  • Upkeep of our socials 
  • Content creation (focus on video & monetisation content appreciated)
  • Collaborating with Branding & creative content team in Aalborg and Copenhagen
  • Graphic creation & post editing


For our next Volunteer Event coordinator:

  • Planning, coordinating and creating community-building events
  • Leading conversation salons of your choice
  • Developing advocacy and facilitation tools 
  • Coming up with creative and dynamic ways to spark dialogue about violence prevention
  • Assisting in event budgeting, fundraising, PR and stakeholder liaison; 

Background experience is not crucial, but appreciated. We first and foremost value someone who adheres to our ideas for change, and who is open to share their creative input and learn along the way.Minimum expected commitment is around 2-3 hours a week, with flexibility and priority to focus on your studies/work, mental health and general well-being. 


Please make sure to indicate your preferred role and a short description of yourself and/or CV.

Looking forward to hear from you!



På finder du frivilligt, ulønnet arbejde.

Frivilligt arbejde er for alle – og opfordrer derfor alle uanset køn, alder, etnicitet, nationalitet, social baggrund, seksuel orientering, handicap og religiøst eller politisk ståsted til at søge.


  • Opgavetype: Kommunikation og IT, Ledelse af aktiviteter
  • Længere forløb
  • Organisation: Center for Magtanalyse
  • Opdateret den: 22.09.22
  • Udløb: 20.12.22