Our four annual camps are a meeting point for Danish young people who are on their way on exchange or have just returned home from a stay abroad, for foreign young people who come to Denmark on exchange and all our active members in committees and local associations in Danish ICYE.

The weekend camps are held four times a year and offer preparation seminars for Danes who are about to travel, homecoming seminars for returning Danish volunteers and activities for the foreign volunteers who are in the country.

At the camps, there are between 20 and 100 participants, so we need volunteers who want to plan the general framework, act as coordinators for all the committees involved and organize entertainment, social activities and other delicious things, so it will be a great weekend To everyone.

As part of the camp committee, your primary duties are to:

  • Arrange planning meetings and invite committees and local associations well in advance of the camps
  • Plan the overall program for the camps and ensure that the committees' (Cross Cultural Trainers and Travel Team) programs fit with the joint program, eating, clean-up, etc.
  • Organize social and entertaining activities
  • To be responsible for the physical framework (rental of the school, contact with the fire brigade, printing of signs, etc.)
  • Have an overview of staffing for the kitchen during the camp
  • Coordination of practical tasks (bar attendants, dishwashing crew, cleaning, etc.)
  • Ensure that the practicalities are under control (access to the camp, signs and programs are made/printed, etc.)

The camps are planned in collaboration with the secretariat (which updates programs on the website, sends invitations, makes registration forms, books rooms and buses) and the various committees (Cross Cultural Trainers and the Travel Team, who each have their program at the camp, homecoming, preparation, arrival) .

As a person you are:

  • Good at coordinating, planning and keeping an overview
  • Good at keeping track of a lot of information and passing on information
  • Ready to attend the camps
  • Structured and problem solving
  • Dare to stand up in front of the whole camp and show respect
  • Independent, takes responsibility
  • Ready to step in if, for example, the fire alarm goes off, in the event of illness among the volunteers or other unexpected situations

Being a volunteer on the camp committee is perfect for you who:

  • Will only participate in camps and to a limited extent,
  • Want to have an essential and important role in the organization, but do not have the opportunity to put a lot of energy and commitment on a daily basis
  • Would like to experience the joy of reunion by seeing people again and again and catching up since last time
  • Will be free to attend events in the rest of the organization
  • Will be free to work on other things at the camps, participate in whatever you want, have fun etc.
  • Will have a lot of input - you set the limitation yourself
  • Will have a large contact surface in the organization

In the camp committee, we have a large interface with committees, local associations and the secretariat, which means that you will quickly get to know many people in the organization - active volunteers, employees in the secretariat and all the Danish and foreign participants who have questions during the camps - so there is also plenty of opportunity to practice your language!

A large part of the work in the camp committee takes place before the camp itself, but you still have an important role at the camp, with having an overview, i.a. when information must be passed on and when/if we are responsible for the social events at the camps. There is plenty of opportunity for you to come up with good ideas and inputs for future camps and help form the framework for the camps in the future.

Who are we?

Danish ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) is an exchange and youth organization for young people between 18-30 years of age. We work to reduce cultural barriers and thereby contribute to creating more peace in the world across national borders. We send both Danish young people out into the world on exchange and voluntary work and receive foreign volunteers to Denmark. The idea is that young people from all over the world should have the opportunity to travel and meet new cultures.

Does this sound like something for you or do you have questions for us?

Contact us via the 'contact organisation' form

You can read more about the association here: https://www.icye.dk/bliv-aktiv/

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

The best greetings

Camp and kitchen committee

/Danish ICYE

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