Do you want to make a difference for people with addictions?

If you are dreaming about working with substance abuse treatment and addictions of all kinds, then Smart Recoverys facilitator course and the facilitating of self-help groups is a great opportunity to get both a course diploma and experience on your resume.
As a volunteer at Smart Recovery you will develop your communicative leader skills and learn how to create a room built on trust, where you through the techniques and tools of the program can aid the recovery-process of the participants.
As a facilitator of the group-meetings you will get a lot of experience of giving help to selfhelp and guide the participants to support each other and grow. 

Smart Recovery Copenhagen are looking for english speaking volunteers to facilitate our english meeting. Two hours a week from 16.20-17.50, at Nyropsgade 7, 2. floor central copenhagen. 

The meetings are for people with all sorts of addiction and we use the methods and concept of Smart Recovery - a scientifically based self help program with focus on cognitive tools to create positive changes for the individual. 

Smart Recovery is a non-religious concept and has a rational approach to behavior changes and uses tools and methods like cognitive therapy, REBT, motivational interviewing and more which you will learn all about under the course of education. The course takes about 30-40 hours and is a combination of self study and sparring with a teacher on your needs.
After the course you will get practical experience in the group with a skilled facilitator. 

The tools and methods of SMART are a lot alike of those being used in the professional treatment systems who we as an organization also have a close corporation with, which makes both even better and also gives you an opportunity to get a relation to the professional area. 

At Smart Recovery you will also find opportunities to engage yourself in the activities of the local association or board work - if you desire to get even more experience, set your mark on the association and add even more to your resume.

If Smart Recovery sounds exciting to you please contact us now and let us hear about you.
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Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Health and first aid
  • Workarea: Health and care
  • Continual volunteering
  • Updated: 17.11.22
  • Expires: 09.02.23
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