Being a contact person (KP) in Danish ICYE is an invaluable job! Every year we get many foreign volunteers from all sorts of countries in the world, and many come from a completely different culture than the Danish one - and this is where you come into the picture as a contact person. As a contact person, you are the volunteer's primary Danish contact in addition to their host family and project. You will therefore function as the primary connection between your volunteer and Danish ICYE, while also being their support and companion.

The voluntary work consists of making the stay for our foreign volunteers as fantastic as possible - you can, for example, take your volunteer out and experience beautiful Denmark, help with any problems, find new friends, leisure interests and activities in the local area, be a friend they can talk about their everyday life, talk about Danish culture or inform about all the "unwritten rules". The most important thing is that you want to help the volunteer settle into the country.

A contact person is a friend, supervisor and someone who helps if there are problems between the volunteer, the project and the host family - but also someone who can answer questions such as "is it normal that Danes don't want to sit next to each other on the bus? " and "where can I get a good sandwich in the city centre?".

The role of contact person is not only personally rewarding, but also a unique opportunity to meet a new culture and learn a new language or strengthen your language skills. At the same time, it's also hilarious!

Primary tasks / we are looking for you who want to:

  • Be available and have regular contact with the volunteer, your local association and the KP coordinator
  • Visit the project and the Danish host family for the foreign volunteer
  • Stay up to date on local and national events in Danish ICYE
  • Help the volunteer into the community of the local association and encourage them to participate in local and national events in Danish ICYE
  • Encourage the volunteer to take part in the community in his local association and contribute to social and cultural activities
  • Update your local association and the KP coordinator on the status of the volunteer
  • Inform the KP coordinator and the local association of challenges on the volunteer's project or in the host family

Many are surprised by the workload as KP - it is not as great as they expected! The social meetings and contact via social media are easy to fit into an everyday life with education or work.

On a daily basis, much of the contact can take place via SMS or Messenger, but it is also important that you see each other during the volunteers' time in Denmark, so that you get to know each other better and have some good experiences together.

Who are you?

  • Responsible and independent
  • Open and welcoming
  • Curious about the volunteers, their culture and your own
  • Accessible and easy to get in touch with
  • You like talking to people from different backgrounds
  • You can be the contact person throughout the volunteer's stay in Denmark

Advantages of being a contact person in Danish ICYE:

  • You can participate in local and national events for active members of the organization
  • You have the opportunity to organize and influence what happens in your local association
  • Danish ICYE provides financial support for transport and selected cultural experiences with your volunteer, e.g. visit to a museum, cultural tourist attraction or other - so you can go on cultural discoveries for free with your volunteer (or get your local association to arrange)
  • You can participate in shorter courses/training abroad under Youth in Action (see or ask the office)
  • You can participate in up-qualifying national courses for active members of Danish ICYE (e.g. organization and course weekend)
  • You can participate in our four annual camps, where you can meet your volunteer, other volunteers and all the other fantastic volunteers in Danish ICYE
  • If you are not active in a local association yourself, you will get a primary mentor in the local association who will act as your support and link to Danish ICYE

As a contact person (KP), it is important to have an open attitude and approach other cultures. It is your role to help the volunteers who come to Denmark and support them throughout their stay. Danish ICYE provides a small financial subsidy for transport and cultural experiences that contact person and volunteer experience together.

Who are we?

Danish ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) is a non-profit exchange and youth organization primarily for young people between 18-30 years of age. We send both Danish young people out into the world on exchange and voluntary work and receive foreign volunteers to Denmark. The idea is that young people from all over the world should have the opportunity to travel and meet new cultures.

As a contact person in Danish ICYE, you become part of a cross-cultural community where, together with other volunteers, you engage in creating both small and large (cultural) experiences for young volunteers who are in Denmark on one of Danish ICYE's exchange programs. At the same time, you become part of a larger community at national level - and not least of an international federation and an international community that offers the opportunity to participate in international workshops, training, projects etc. You get a lot of fun experiences and the opportunity to get to know young people from all over the world.

Does this sound like something for you or do you have questions for us? Contact us via the 'contact organisation' form

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