FAKS is looking for our new vice-chairman, as our current one has got an exciting new job - and as a result unfortunately has to resign from his post.

Our future deputy chairman must be at the forefront of various initiatives that will ensure progress and development, work closely with our chairman, other board members and volunteers, as well as have a decent amount of energy and be courageous.

FAKS offers

  • A volunteer job with meaning, responsibility and exciting challenges
  • Possibility of direct influence on the living conditions of chronic pain sufferers and their relatives
  • Expansion of networks via collaboration with professionals from public bodies, health authorities, professional staff and private companies
  • Thorough introduction to the pain area and training in the association's organization and processes
  • To become part of a committed team that collaborates across the organization

FAKS mission and purpose

FAKS' mission is to increase knowledge about, acceptance and inclusion of chronic pain sufferers in Danish society and, as a result, increase the quality of life and opportunities for pain sufferers in Denmark.

The purpose of the association is, on all levels, to work for the interests of pain patients in accordance with what is best for society as a whole, and on a national level we focus on:

  • To work for the recognition and destigmatization of chronic pain as a serious and debilitating disorder, which is not just a problem for the individual but for the whole of society.
  • Fighting for changes in legislation to ensure pain sufferers receive the right treatment at the right time.
  • To identify and support changes in the healthcare system that increase knowledge and treatment of chronic pain sufferers, based on research and experiences from pain sufferers.
  • To collect and disseminate knowledge about the treatment of chronic pain through collaboration with interdisciplinary pain clinics, based on own experiences, research, articles, lectures, etc.

What are our expectations of you

  • You are structured, good at collaborating and creating engagement with others.
  • You are not afraid to stand in front and speak out on behalf of the association - both internally and externally
  • You like to take responsibility for an area and, through the cooperation with the other volunteers and partners, achieve the goals of plans
  • You must want to take the lead and set the direction together with our coordinators and volunteers
  • You take your responsibility and commitment seriously – even when you are busy
  • You may have management experience from your professional work. You may come from healthcare or a completely different background/experience that you would like to bring into play in your role
  • You are ready to commit to my. a 2-year board term


Should you be interested in knowing more about being part of FAKS and our board, you are welcome to contact us or possibly read the job description on our website www.faks.dk.

We also have information material about our board work, which can be forwarded to interested parties.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy, Managing activities
  • Workarea: Health and care, Political work, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: FAKS - Foreningen Af Kroniske Smerteramte

Information about the organisation:

FAKS - Foreningen Af Kroniske Smerteramte
FAKS’ mission er at øge viden om, accepten og inklusionen af kronisk smerteramte i det...
FAKS’ mission er at øge viden om, accepten og inklusionen af kronisk smerteramte i det danske samfund og som resultat øge livskvaliteten og mulighederne for smerteramte i Danmark. Foreningens formål er på alle planer at arbejde for smerteramte og pårørendes interesser i overensstemmelse med, hvad der er bedst for samfundet som helhed.
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  • Updated: 24.11.22
  • Expires: 31.01.23
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