Why male community about "culture, nature and food"?

Being with other people "boosts" our well-being. Unfortunately, some men find it difficult to get into the life of existing communities. Even though loneliness is just as big a challenge for men as it is for women. The new men's community must do something about it, and you can help create the concept (also so that it suits you in terms of time). We imagine approx. 2 monthly meetings over 6 months (approx. 5-6 hours monthly). A program of local cultural experiences, e.g. concerts or museum visits, trips out into nature around Horsens and gatherings around communal dining in e.g. Sund By Butikken (don't worry, you don't have to cook!). We envision a community for 6-8 men

The group must be led by 2 volunteer rope holders, at least one of whom must be a man, supported by Sund By's coordinator.

Your task as rope holder:

As a volunteer rope holder, you are the "host" of the meetings, you create a warm and safe atmosphere for everyone, you ensure conversation across the board and put together an exciting program with input from the participants. You are motivated by helping to combat loneliness among men. Perhaps you have a special heart for or experience with culture, nature or food, but this is not a must. As a leader, you must be ready to take a leading role for the male community, and you must be able to talk to very different kinds of people. You will get good help from Sund By and our team of volunteers, of which you will become a part. You will be paid entrance fees etc. during the course.

Who is Sund By (Healthy City)?

Sund By works together with volunteers and associations to create good communities for the citizens of Horsens Municipality, promote well-being for not least vulnerable citizens and promote volunteering in general. Read more about us at

Are you interested and want to know more? Then contact us in Sund By, where we are ready to tell you more about the vision and how it relates to our other "cultural groups". is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Café and shelter, Health and first aid, Managing activities
  • Workarea: Cultural activities, Nature and environment, Social work
  • Time-limited 01.03.23 - 01.12.23
  • Organisation: Horsens Sund By

Information about the organisation:

Horsens Sund By
Horsens Sund By er et aktivt sted, hvor borgere og kommunens administration samarbejder om at styrke...
Horsens Sund By er et aktivt sted, hvor borgere og kommunens administration samarbejder om at styrke fællesskab, trivsel og frivillighed i hele Horsens Kommune.Kom forbi og hør mere om, hvordan vi sammen kan udvikle stærke fællesskaber, der skaber værdi der, hvor du er.Er du nysgerrig på at vide mere om mulighederne for selvhjælps- og netværksgrupper eller frivillighed og foreningsliv, så glæder vi os til at se dig i Sund By Butikken.
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  • Updated: 24.01.23
  • Expires: 11.04.23