A desire has been expressed for a local branch in southern Jutland.

It is a wish that we wish to fulfill if there is an opportunity and resources, if you are interested in such a local branch you are more than welcome to attend the meeting.

We specifically need some people, with autism close to life, who have the desire and energy to be part of the board and the start-up of the local branch. There will of course be support from the national team, and you will hear more about that at the meeting.

At present, we have 3 interested parties in Haderslev, Tønder and Sønderborg respectively.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to our external representative.

The agenda

  • Point 1 - Introduction to us and participants
  • Item 2 - Introduction to Autism Youth and board work in general
  • Point 3 - What does it take to start a local branch?
  • Point 4 - Who wants to be part of the project and what resources and limitations do we have?
  • Item 5 - Collection and evaluation
  • Point 6 - The further plan
  • Point 7 - Thank you for a good meeting


21 February from 19-20.


It takes place online via zoom, the link will be sent with the confirmation email.


It is possible to register for the meeting. You register here.


If you have any questions or need to know more, you are welcome to contact our external deputy head Naja is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


Information about the organisation:

Autisme Ungdom
Autisme Ungdom er Danmarks ungdomsorganisation for unge autister, og unge med tætte relationer...
Autisme Ungdom er Danmarks ungdomsorganisation for unge autister, og unge med tætte relationer til autister, i alderen 13-30 år. Du er altså velkommen hvis du har en søster, bror, kæreste eller forælder, som er autist.​Autisme Ungdom er en organisation, der arbejder med 3 hovedemner:​1: At udbrede viden om autisme2: At tale unge autisters sag i den politiske debat3: At skabe inkluderende og autismevenlige fællesskaber​De autismevenlige fællesskaber skaber vi ude i vores lokalafdelinger.Alle vores medlemmer kan bidrage til foreningen. Om det er ved at være medlem og vise sin støtte, ved at komme til de arrangementer man har lyst til, eller ved at stille op til sin lokalbestyrelse eller til hovedbestyrelsen.Det vigtigste er, at man bidrager med det man kan rumme, og at man har det sjovt imens.​
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  • Expires: 21.02.23
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