DAM association

General Manager

voluntary job / part-time/full-time paid

About association

DAM is a voluntary public information association that offers activities for children and young people that are currently offered in both Copenhagen and Aalborg.
The association was established in 2019 and has approximately 120 members who participate in 6-8 teams.
We focus on developing our members' ability to engage actively in their lives and society.

We value a good friendly tone where everyone thrives in a safe environment.
DAM association plans to develop the work so that it is more structured and professional, therefore we are looking for a skilled day-to-day manager to be the driving force in that development.

About the job

The general manager will be the one who takes control of the association's daily operations in close cooperation with the board, which sets the framework and strategy for the association.
Examples of daily manager tasks will be:

  • Coordination:
    • Member management – sign-in and sign-out
    • Reporting of membership numbers
    • Apply for subsidies and pools
    • Fee collection
    • Finance function - bookkeeping and accounting
    • Administration of the association's facilities and activities
    • Support with coordination at major events
    • Prepare minutes from board and committee meetings
    • Communication internally as well as externally
  • Development:
    • Organizational development
    • Volunteering strategy
    • Distribution of tasks in the association
    • Utilization of existing sports facilities
    • Member development/new target groups
    • Collaboration across the association
    • Cooperation with schools, other local communities and municipalities
    • Supervision and professional sparring of other coaches in the club
    • Plan coaching meetings for the club's other coaches
    • Conduct coach development interviews
    • Responsible for coach recruitment
    • Communication with practitioners and parents

About the candidate

You must have good communication and administrative skills. A formal education is not required, but an education in administration, management is preferable. It is also preferred that you have experience in management, voluntary work and administration.

About salary

The applicant will expect a period in which the tasks are carried out as a voluntary effort. Currently, the budget does not allow full salary for future employees. But the future general manager will go through pool and fund applications, increase activities and members will be able to earn a part-time/full-time salary equivalent to an office employee with management.

Application and job interview

We encourage all interested and qualified persons to apply for the position. Please send a motivated application and CV no later than 01.04.2023.

Interviews will then be held and are expected to take place in week 15-16.
There will be representatives from the boards in Aalborg and Copenhagen for interviews.
Applications can be sent by email by contacting https://damforening.dk/kontakt/ mhp. email address.

Start 01.05.2023 or by agreement.

For more info

We look forward to hearing from you in case of questions or interest.

You can contact the chairmen of the boards either in Copenhagen or Aalborg.

or write to the association, please visit our website www.damforening.dk


The boards in Aalborg and Copenhagen

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  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Assignmenttype: Boards, development and strategy, Economy and administration, Managing activities
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Cultural activities, Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Damforening
  • Updated: 17.03.23
  • Expires: 05.06.23
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