Being a volunteer coach in sports is challenging, rewarding and great fun!

You are exactly what we are looking for
Do you have approx. 1½-2 hours a week that you want to invest in sports-loving girls and boys (+11 years) who are very motivated? And do you think it is exciting to pass something on to future generations and collect fun experiences together? Then you are exactly what we are looking for!

Our super dedicated youngsters have chosen to practice gymnastics in our sports club and we can't wait to match them with a gymnastics instructor who is passionate about passing something on.

The gymnastics team
The team is managed together with another instructor (as well as assistant coaches) - there are approx. 25 participants in the team for youngsters. In the gymnastics department, we have a total of 9 teams, which are divided into age groups.

You make a difference & develop your skills
As a sports coach in SSB, you make a huge difference when you take on responsibility and pass on values and skills that have an impact on our members.

You can create an interaction that both enriches and excites and makes others believe in themselves. This way you also get to know yourself better.

Skills for life

  • Your social skills are strengthened
  • Your ability to collaborate, and your communication skills, will be developed
  • Your personal potential is growing

Your outputs

  • You will collect many funny anecdotes
  • Tax-free allowance & free courses
  • Training clothes
  • Insight into association life & community structures
  • You gain influence and responsibility
  • Network and a lot of fun & happy members
  • You score extra points on your CV (many business leaders have volunteered themselves)

Your input

  • You are highly motivated to share your prerequisites and appetite for life
  • You think it's fun to make others better
  • You have an inclusive and empathetic drive
  • You are self-oriented & responsible

SSB Vesterbro Sports Club
We believe that associational life i.a. is the kit that binds Denmark together, and it is what makes us find our way to the heart of Vesterbro every day, where SSB is based.

For us, concepts such as community and inclusiveness are more important than results. Diversity and inclusion have always been an important foundation of values at SSB.

We have approx. 100 volunteers (many students) who come forward, week after week to create living communities and physical activity for children and adults.

The volunteer sports coaches are the supporting element and their input has a gigantic importance for the association, which has approx. 1.500 members.

The best exercise for the heart is to bend down and lift other people up!

Go directly to SSB's site is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Children and youths, Managing activities, Training and sports
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Health and care, Sports
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: SSB Vesterbro Idrætsforening

Information about the organisation:

SSB Vesterbro Idrætsforening
SSB, der blev grundlagt i 1911, er en idrætsforening i hjertet af Vesterbro, som brænder...
SSB, der blev grundlagt i 1911, er en idrætsforening i hjertet af Vesterbro, som brænder for at få både pulsen og livsglæden op for vores motionsbegejstrede medlemmer.Vi er en sportsklub, med et socialt sigte og engagement, der hver dag kæmper for vores mærkesager. Vi har et målrettet fokus på at sikre adgangen til idrætsfaciliteter på Vesterbro - at tilbyde et bredt udsnit af idrætsaktiviteter til børn/unge/seniorer samt at iværksætte relevante motionstilbud til børn med særlige behov og kvinder med anden etnisk baggrund. Foreningens grundtanke er baseret på rummelighed og tolerance, da vi skal have alle med. 
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  • Updated: 19.03.23
  • Expires: 13.06.23
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