In UngEnergi, we are looking for 3-5 volunteers who might be interested in starting the KliPo (climate and popcorn) project. You will become a volunteer at UngEnergi Aalborg. The project has already been implemented by a group of cool volunteers, but there is room for and need for more to bring it to life as best as possible. As the project is still very new, you will largely be able to shape it yourself with your own thoughts, ideas and dreams.

UngEnergi - A solution-oriented environmental organization for young people

UngEnergi is an environmental organization aimed at young people aged 15-35. We work with youth-to-young communication of positive and solution-oriented everyday changes. We have local branches in several places in the country, i.a. Aarhus, Roskilde, Copenhagen and Aalborg, which you will become a part of.

KliPo - film and debate on the big screen.

Climate and popcorn is a concept where we show a documentary or other film that in one way or another deals with the climate and/or sustainable behaviour. The film will be followed by a workshop or debate where we can discuss the film's message together. It could be, for example, a presentation from a relevant presenter, clothes swap market or delicious green cooking. The aim is to get young people involved in the climate debate and gain an insight into a sustainable lifestyle in an entertaining and inspiring way. The idea is that KliPo should be held monthly or at least every other month in Aalborg, where we already have an agreement with Huset in Hasseris to be able to use their beautiful premises.

Will you be with?

As a volunteer in KliPo at UngEnergi Aalborg, you will have the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Project coordination and execution, including the possibility to follow a project from start to finish.
  • Find and make contact with relevant presenters
  • Youth-to-Youth dissemination of sustainability in a cool and hands-on way.
  • Insights into licensing films, and preparing the concept to be even cooler.
  • Experience in finding collaboration partners in other organizations to facilitate KliPo.

We also expect the following from you:

  • You have an interest in taking projects to the door
  • You have time to volunteer 5-8 hours a month.
  • You have the courage to perform 6 KliPo on an annual basis.

We also offer a place where you can benefit from:

  • A community where there are many of us who live sustainably in a cool way.
  • Fun! We make sure that we volunteers have fun together.
  • Participation in great national, annual events such as the Roskilde festival, Folkemødet, UngEnergi's Fem Fede Dage, national meeting or other projects.
  • The opportunity to develop own ideas and projects, in collaboration with other young people.

How do I join?

If it has caught your interest, write to us with a brief description of yourself and why you would like to join :) is Denmark's leading volunteer job portal.

Volunteering is for everyone - we welcome all applicants regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, social background, sexual orientation or religious background.


  • Assignmenttype: Sustainability and recycling
  • Workarea: Nature and environment
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: UngEnergi
  • Updated: 26.03.23
  • Expires: 19.06.23
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