We are looking for a volunteer who has the time and desire to meet with a young Syrian girl aged 13 four or five times a month.

The young girl has lived with her family in Denmark for the past nine years, speaks fluent Danish, and is challenged in everyday life with schooling, expectations and division between the two cultures.

The young person wants a volunteer mentor who can relate to having grown up in Danish culture with a Muslim background. The volunteer mentor must preferably have landed in a place where you have come through school and education well and rest in your background and everyday life, while at the same time the young person must be able to see themselves in you, and you must therefore not be "too old" . The young person needs positive reflection and a role model who can create hope and give some perspectives on how to live up to the expectations of both cultures and create a good transition to youth and adulthood.

We are looking for a volunteer who:
-Have the opportunity to meet with the young person 4-5 times a month in the afternoon or evening hours. Since the young person has a large absence from school, your role may also be to help her get back on track.

- Is calm, proactive and trust-building.

-Has the opportunity to meet the young person in the social housing facilities at Ved Ungdomsboligerne in Gentofte.

- If you have a Muslim background, it will be an advantage, but it is not a requirement.

What do you get out of it?
- You make a difference and help a young person.
- You will have the opportunity to participate in courses, supervision and in a voluntary mentoring network.
- You can write voluntary work on your CV.


How can you become a volunteer?
Write a short description of your motivation by pressing "Contact organisation" to become a volunteer, and we will contact you and arrange a meeting at Frivilligcenter & Selvhjælp Gentofte, where you will receive more information about the task.

The effort is a collaboration between Gentofte Municipality and Frivilligcenter & Selvhjælp Gentofte to ensure young people in vulnerable and exposed positions have the best possible transition to adulthood. The young people in the target group are aged 13-25.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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  • Workplace(s): Gentofte
  • Assignmenttype: Children and youths, Mentor and buddy, Refugees and integration
  • Workarea: Children and youths, Social work
  • Continual volunteering
  • Organisation: Frivilligcenter Gentofte

Information about the organisation:

Frivilligcenter Gentofte
  • Updated: 20.11.23
  • Expires: 17.02.24
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