Røde Kors Byggegenbrug

Every day there are Danes who would like to donate furniture, books, kitchenware, exercise equipment, etc., to Red Cross thrift stores. Goods and donations that can make a difference to the climate, by lowering the Co2 level in society, through good recycling.

It requires fresh people who can lend a hand every now and then carrying sofas, office chairs and all sorts of things from various homes into moving vehicles and delivering them to the nearest Red Cross store.

It is free training that makes a huge difference to the climate and the vulnerable in society. The money earned in the shops goes to the Red Cross' various social and humanitarian initiatives.

Therefore, if you have a bit of time in your pocket and are fit and ready to take action, write to us and find out more about how you can become part of the green and humanitarian fight.

It is completely non-binding, so if you are the least bit curious about it, give us a call.
There are opportunities to lend a hand all over the country.

If this sounds like something for you, please contact us via button, "Contact the Organisation".

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Røde Kors
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