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We will get a group of students to Egå Ungdomshøjskole from August - among other things

  • an 18-year-old boy who comes from Turkey . He will be a student at Egå Ungdomshøjskole from 4 August to 21 December 2024, after which he will be at Odder Højskole from January to June 2025. He is good at English and enjoys sports (among other things he swims and plays tennis). He is also interested in music and has also tried making films.

The young people must be quite ordinary high school students at Egå Ungdomshøjskole, but we also want to give them the opportunity to experience life outside the high school. That is why we are looking for good contact families.

Being a contact family for an AFS high school student is a really good opportunity to get to know another culture and another country. At the same time, the contact family will be visited by a person who will be included as part of the family and thus make the family see itself and its surroundings with fresh eyes.

Being a contact family for a high school student is a fairly flexible task. The young person lives at the college and in many cases becomes absorbed in college life. But many also think that it is exciting and pleasant to have a Danish contact family and thus get an insight into life outside the college.

How often and how you are together is something you agree with the young person yourself, but you must be prepared to spend time with the young person approx. monthly.

Does that sound exciting and would you like to hear more? So don't hesitate to contact us via button "Contact the Organisation".

Read more about the young people and how you can become a contact family at

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AFS er en non-profit organisation, baseret på et netværk af engagerede frivillige med fo...
AFS er en non-profit organisation, baseret på et netværk af engagerede frivillige med formålet at arbejde for mere fred gennem interkulturel forståelse. AFS Interkultur er demokratisk organiseret med mere end 2.000 medlemmer fordelt over hele landet og et sekretariat med ansatte på Frederiksberg. Organisationen dækker Danmark med nationale udvalg og 22 lokalforeninger med ca. 500 frivillige, der, i et stærkt fællesskab, skaber gode rammer for interkulturel læring gennem udveksling i Danmark. AFS formidler unges møder med fremmede kulturer verden over gennem skoleophold for udvekslingsstudenter samt frivillige arbejdsophold med et fagligt eller socialt indhold. De frivillige skaber aktiviteter og et netværk omkring de unge og deres familier og deres læringsrejse.
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