Will you…

... be an active player in combating food waste and putting sustainability on the agenda?

… ensure that surplus food reaches those who need it most?

... be involved in making a difference that really matters?

Then you are the one we are looking for as a new volunteer at the Food Bank in Aarhus!

The Food Bank is a voluntary association that receives surplus food from food producers and wholesalers and delivers the goods to organisations, for example the Blue Cross, the Red Cross, the Church's Cross Army, etc., which work for society's socially disadvantaged - including children, young people, women and men in crisis, the homeless, drug addicts and mentally ill.

The Food Bank is largely based on volunteerism, which means that dedicated zealots are responsible for collecting, packing and delivering surplus food to those who need it, and now we are looking for more volunteers.

We currently need volunteers for the maintenance of our 7 refrigerated trucks. This consists of cleaning inside and out, but we would also very much like you to have the opportunity to drive our cars to a mechanic, possibly change tires or handle other small tasks regarding the cars.

The Food Bank can offer you:

  • From day one, you help to do something good for others. As a volunteer, you are crucial to the Food Bank being able to distribute surplus food equivalent to approx. 9,450 meals every single day.
  • You get access to a social network with other volunteers.
  • You will be trained in hygiene rules around our cars, so that you feel safe and secure in the cleaning and maintenance procedures of the cars.
  • If you are a student or job seeker, we can help improve your CV with documented practical experience in food knowledge and hygiene as well as logistics and warehouse tasks.

We imagine that you:

  • Is a responsible and positive person. As a volunteer, it is you who ensures that our cars are maintained and cleaned so that they are presentable and can drive out to the recipients.
  • Can work on weekdays. At the earliest 7.45 and no later than 17.
  • Has a good physique, to the extent required in relation to the maintenance of cars.
  • Has good collaboration skills. You will collaborate with many different people and it is important that you enjoy this.
  • Exhibits stability. We prefer that you take a fixed shift every or every other week for a duration of 5-6 hours. If you are a student, part-time employee or otherwise, your shifts will of course fit in with your schedule.

Are you interested in hearing more? Then fill in the "contact organisation" form and we will invite you to a conversation where we can tell you more about the voluntary work here with us.

Here you can meet Hans, who is a volunteer at the Food Bank. click here

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Information about the organisation:

  • Updated: 30.05.24
  • Expires: 03.11.24
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