Would you like to become the important voluntary link between the Heart Association, the instructor for your local Heart Exercise team and the participants? The Heart Association will start two new Heart Exercise Teams in week 35. One in Hornsyld and the other in Tørring, and we need a rope holder in each place.

Can you see yourself welcoming new and old cardio exercisers, both when we start a brand new team and at the start of the season? So everyone feels welcome and becomes a natural part of the community. We imagine that you will at least be present at the start, and will be able to set the framework and agree on expectations for the weekly training, we would like you to train with us as often as you can.

As a volunteer, you will also work closely with the local instructor, who is a trained physiotherapist, and is the one responsible for carrying out the training. You and the instructor agree between yourselves who does what.

Experience shows that the participants greatly appreciate the social interaction after training, and that it helps to create good team cohesion. We therefore encourage you as the rope holder to be present during the training and the social gathering. We enjoy ourselves with a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit.

During the social gathering after the training, you help to create a fertile ground for a strong community and ensure a close connection to the Heart Association's other offers and activities.

The Heart Team offers varied training, which is led by a physiotherapist. The purpose of the training is to strengthen the heart and circulation. We emphasize having fun when we train. Your gain is heart exercise while you make a difference to others.

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